Our guidelines


1. STRATEGYSustainable business activity means acting strategically, taking the lead and integrating it into corporate processes.

2. Sustainability is primarily understood as an OPPORTUNITY to solve the effects of entrepreneurial activity in the future and for the benefit of all.

3. As a “sustainable entrepreneur”, we fulfill our responsibility to increase COMMON GOOD.

4. ECONOMY in balance with ecology and social aspects are equally important concerns for the long-term stability of our company.

5. Responsible use of RESOURCES AND ENERGY means 1. avoiding, 2. reducing and 3. replacing.

6. As a “sustainable employer”, we fulfill a demanding SOCIAL COMPETENCE towards our employees, increasing their qualifications and securing their employment.

7. Out of RESPECT for people, we advocate compliance with human rights and oppose all forms of discrimination and corruption.

8. OPENNESS is an attitude. The consequence is transparency of the sustainability measures.

9. The voluntary SELF OBLIGATION to sustainability is an obligation to ourselves, which becomes the claim of society.

10. We provide INCENTIVES to rethink and act in order to involve employees and partners in a continuous improvement process for sustainability